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Foxwarren Tommy

Foxwarren Tommy: still going strong!  (interview with Elly Bos)

Here is a story about a famous male dog that became part of our pedigree line here in The Netherlands, Foxwarren Tommy. Because he is known in the Netherlands as well as other countries, and is found in several older pedigrees, he certainly belongs to the history of the Jack Russell terrier in our country. Tommy was born October 28th, 1992 at the Foxwarren kennel of Eddy Chapman in Dorset, England.




tommy2.jpgThe owner, Elly Bos, visited more kennels in England, curious about the breeders of this country of origin of the working terrier, and searched for  new breeding possibilities for the Jack Russell Terrier population in The Netherlands. When Eddie Chapman during the spring of 1993 came to the Netherlands to do an inspection, he gave Tommy to me.


His good background was obvious: In the period of 1994 to 1996 Tommy took part in all of the club matches of the Jack Russell Terrier Club Netherlands (or the JRTCN, the forerunner of the NVJRT), and won the title ‘Best male dog’ five times and four times he won ‘Best of the show’! He was then registered into the VR (temporary registry as a starting breeding line of which the Jack Russell registrated breeding line began in The Netherlands.)

Many people were happy with his arrival, except of course for the jealous types.


Because of his beauty, good showmanship, working results and his English background, he was asked to be part of several breeding programs. Next to receiving many show qualifications he also received the first and second certificate for Working dogs and a GG diploma. Promising offspring was born to him here in Holland, and there was interest in Austalia to have him breed there. “Because there was enough bloodline from him here, I found it okay to take Tommy away to Australia. I took him to Yvonne Ryan of the Pickwick-kennel there,” explained Elly.

Tommy was judged by two judges, to become part of the official Australian pedigree, and took part in the breeding there. More than once, he survived brown snake attacks, and enjoyed sporting with poisonous toads, to Mrs. Ryan’s dismay. In Australia twelve of Tommy’s direct offspring became champions.


When Yvonne Ryan wanted to sell him through to another kennel, I decided that there were enough offspring there in Australia, and brought him back to the Netherlands in October 1999. I had had enough of him travelling the world, thus after two and a half years after he had left us, he was back on Dutch soil.


And so, he lived again amongst Border terriers, Springer Spaniels, Labradors and other types in the province of Drenthe. Hij was in very good health and very good condition for a dog of 14 years, if you can imagine all that he had done having been half way around the world. He did at the end have problems with his back and was not happy that he could jump on chairs or grab something from tables. The female Border Terriers kept him under their guidance, but he still enjoyed sniffing around in the fields and heard and saw everything.

 “During his whole life he never got sick.”

(Foxwarren Tommy died on the 21st of March 2009.)

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